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Shared Equipment Authority

SEA website

As today's researchers in science, engineering, and medicine seek to address ever more complex problems, they require access to an increasingly robust research infrastructure. Recognizing this critical need, Rice established the Shared Equipment Authority (SEA) in 2001 as a way to provide its faculty superb experimental facilities, research equipment, and support services at an affordable cost.

The Rice SEA supports more than 65 instruments, including:

  • X-ray diffraction (GADDS, Powder, CCD, SmartLab, 2 D/Max)
  • Microscopes (AFM, Fluid AFM, JEOL 2010 TEM, 1230HC, 2100F w/GIF and EDS, Cryo-TEM, Polarizing microscope, Confocal, ESEM w/nanomanipulator, Inverted fluorescence configured for TIRF, Fluorometer)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (2 Bio, 3 Chem)
  • Mass spectrometry (RAMAN, FTIR, MALDI-TOF, LTQ-OT MS, micro-TOF, Reflex, Spectropolarimeter, XPS)
  • Thermal analysis (TGA-IR)
  • Clean room class 100/1000 (RIE, PECVD, Photolithography aligner, Mask Masker, E-Beam evaporator, Critical drying system, Ellipsometer, Profilometer)
  • Preparation and separators (LEO Ebeam, Sputter coater, Spin coater, Wire bonder, Plasma cleaner, Ultramicrotome)
  • Other: Surface analyzer, Zetasizer, Vibrating Microtome, Invivo imaging system, Gradient fractionator, Laser engraving/cutting system, SQUID

For more information and a complete, current list of SEA instrumentation and fees, please visit the SEA Web site