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27th Annual Keck Center Research Conference Innovations in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience


Gulf Coast Consortia

When: Friday, October 27, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: BioScience Research Collaborative
Description: The brain contains about 100 billion neurons, each directly communicating with up to tens of thousands of other nerve cells. It is an exceptionally complex organ that poses unique challenges for its study. Increasing our knowledge of the brain requires revolutionary and dynamic approaches and technologies along with interdisciplinary research and collaboration in the fields neuroscience, computational biology, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mathematics, computer science, molecular biology, biomedical informatics, neurology, physics, pharmacology, and others. This conference will explore some of the innovative research leading to understanding the brain’s fantastic complexity. Eve Marder, Professor of Neuroscience, Brandeis University Dr. Marder studies the dynamics of small neuronal networks, and her work was instrumental in demonstrating that neuronal circuits are not “hard-wired” but can be reconfigured by neuromodulatory neurons and substances to produce a variety of outputs. Dan Yamins, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Computer Science,Stanford University Dr. Yamins is a computational neuroscientist. He works on science and technology challenges at the intersection of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology and large-scale data analysis. The brain is the embodiment of the most beautiful algorithms ever written. His research group, the Stanford NeuroAILab, seeks to “reverse engineer” these algorithms, both to learn both about how our minds work and build more effective artificial intelligence systems. gulfcoastconsortia.org